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Fabric Crafts

Cats + Felt = Love

I tend to make a lot of felted items. I love how they look and how durable they become after the felting process. Little did I know, cats seem to love felted items as well. Doesn’t matter where I put them, one of the cats seems to find them, curl up and sit/sleep on them. […] Read more…

Oh man, I’m such a slacker.

Ugh. Seriously, it seems every year I do this. And by this, I mean I completely neglect my site and I get a little slackerish on the crafting. Lots of things have happened since I last updated in March. I moved out of the city and moved into a house in the town of¬†Bedford, Nova […] Read more…

Hats, hats and more hats.

I love making hats, I really do. They are quick and easy and there are a million different ways that you can personalise each one. Recently my friend Kate, whom I knew back in Calgary, was in town with her kids on their move from Vancouver to London, England. The last time I had seen […] Read more…

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