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General Crafts

Craft Giveaway!

So I’d really like to try and make a business out of my crafty ways. Or at least make a little money to supplement my measly income. Problem is, kinda hard to make money off of the 15 people who know what you do and you tend to make everything for them for free. So […] Read more…

Cat vs. Mouse

I decided to make the cats a toy with the catnip that I had purchased last week. I found a super cute pattern for a mouse amigurumi and figured it would suit the purpose very well! I did make a few changes to the pattern though. I did both row 9 & 11 twice. Also, […] Read more…

Cupcake and Polo

This is the most common spot that you will find the cat. On my bed. Always. I’ve been away. I’ve been crafting but not as much as I should. I’m working on it, I promise. Read more…

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