To be honest, I am quite awful at both reading and following patterns. I find that a lot of patterns look like they are written in Greek and the few that I do understand, tend to slow me down. I like getting caught up in a project and not have to constantly refer to a pattern to make sure I’m doing it right. But when I came across Alice’s handbags over at, I had to make one. They are super cute and quite simple looking without looking boring. So when she was looking for people to be pattern testers before she released the pattern to the public, I jumped at the chance. I’m glad I did because her pattern was super easy to understand plus it forced me to learn the foundation single crochet stitch which is bloody amazing. There is nothing that I hate doing in crochet more than having to crochet into a chain. So painful. But no more! I ended up making two bags this weekend – both the small and medium sized bags that she wrote patterns for. I was also down in the Annapolis Valley this weekend visiting my parents and sister (she finally arrived from Alaska on Thursday) and found this adorable black, purple and pink (my favourite colours) fabric with guitars on it. Perfect for a bag lining! I stitched up a lining and finally attempted some needle felting on a finished product. Functional and cute. Two of my favourite things!