Finished up the felted beads project late last night. They may a nice quick project when you’re looking for a little instant gratification of finishing a project.

Once the beads were felted and dry, I simply strung them on some bead thread with some seed beads and shell beads that I had from an upcycled necklace that wasn’t really my style. In the end I think it turned out pretty cute. And I gotta say, I love the new roving that I got. The colours are super vibrant and it’s super soft. Such better quality than the roving that I’ve found locally. Next I’m going to try needle felting.

Today Lamb and I went on a shopping and lunch date. We stopped by Michael’s in hopes of finding a wooden bag handle for the bag that I’m making for my sister. Unfortunately the few they had, weren’t going to work. They had a few wood ones but they looked like bamboo and it just wouldn’t have matched the style of the bag. And there were a few plastic ones that I could have worked with but they weren’t as wide as what I needed. Back to square one. I’m going to try and make a trip downtown tomorrow afternoon to check out the yarn store and see if they have anything that might work. If not I’m going to have to reconsider my design. Args.

Although the search for a handle failed, I did some across a few good books that I was interested in. I got Not Your Mamma’s Felting and Beautiful Knitting. Beautiful Knitting looked helpful in improving my sub par knitting skills.Right now they only thing I can knit is scarves and scarf shaped items. Not terribly useful.