I tend to make a lot of felted items. I love how they look and how durable they become after the felting process. Little did I know, cats seem to love felted items as well. Doesn’t matter where I put them, one of the cats seems to find them, curl up and sit/sleep on them. Below is some photographic proof.

Two kittens, one bag.
James just chillin’.
¬†¬†Tiny Magnets lookin’ pretty adorable, if I do say so myself.
Vega gets into the action as well.
Magnets figures that there is room for her as well. “Move over Mom!”
The bag is smaller than Vega but she tries anyway.
Now don’t get me wrong, the furry little buggers lay on everything. Coats, pieces of paper, flyers, projects I’m currently working on, everything. But something about felt just draws them to it. And it’s the WORST fabric to try and get cat hair out of.Until next time! I’ll probably post about my attempt at auditioning for the Food Network’s Recipe to Riches! And no, I didn’t make it on the show. Jerks.