Ahhhh….time for some updates!

Nova Scotia has not seen this much snow in years. It seems like we’ve been dumped on by snow at least once a week. By the time we recover from one Nor’ester, it seems like another one is just around the corner!

The upside to all of the snow? Sledding! Although I went once about two years ago, it ended in a disaster. My first run down the hill resulted in me crashing, using my face as a brake and suffering a concussion. This time was a success though – no injuries and fun was had by everyone. And we went at night, which is fantastic for two reasons –

1. No small children. I always fear I’m going to run one of them over. Plus, they always show me up by never falling off their sled and they can go further than I can. They are tiny, little jerks I tell you!
2. Halifax is really pretty at night

Next update – my family has gotten larger! Don’t get too excited though – I just got a new cat. My friend Angel found a tiny, malnourished cat outside of her apartment building a few weeks ago and I took her in as my own. Her name is Vega Bond! Although she’s pretty cute and likes to snuggle a whole lot, she’s finding it hard to adjust to The Captain and Weeze but she’s getting there. And she likes to shred toilet paper…all the time. Hopefully she’ll grow out of this.

Now for a few craft updates! I’ve made a few things recently but am behind on what I was to complete. I’ve started a lot of projects, but as per usual, am having a hard time completing them. I need to buckle down and get to to work.

First up, I made a pretty simple striped hat with a flower. The pattern for the flower can be found in one of the Stitch ‘N Bitch books, The Happy Hooker.

I also whipped up a cute little amigurumi bird sometime last week. I found the pattern for a set of Love Birds on the Lion Brand website and made one but never got around to making the second. Click here to find the pattern but you will need to be logged into their site.

Tomorrow I am heading to a potluck at a friend’s place and I decided to make cupcakes. It’s been awhile since I made them, mostly because when I do bake them, I can’t eat just one – I eat like five. And oddly enough, when you’re trying to lose weight, eating 5 cupcakes doesn’t help! I made up a batch of cookies and cream cupcakes with and vanilla bourbon buttercream frosting. They turned out pretty friggin’ awesome. Can anyone say “Nom nom nom”? Oh wait, I can! Nom NOM NOOOOM!