After I made my sister, Rebecca, a zig zag blanket for Christmas, I knew I had to make one for myself. Zig zag stripes + purple & grey? Hellz yes! This time around it only took me about two weeks to make, a far cry from the six weeks it took me to make my sister’s blanket and a super duper far cry from the year it took me to make the blue and grey blanket that I made a few years ago for my living room.

So many pretty colours! Purple, grey, black, oh my!

I think it turned out pretty well! The colours match the rest of the decor in my room – especially my duvet cover and the art above the bed.

The fur babies are a huge fan of the blanket as well!

Every time I worked on it, Mags decided to sprawl across it, forcing me to move her each time I had to switch sides.

Vega seemed more interested once I was getting close to the end of it. Anytime I left the room, she curled up on it. Adorable? Yes.

And not to be outdone by the girls, Pete joined in to the snuggle-a-thon as well!

Shockingly, the blanket is covered in animal hair already….I can’t imagine why! 🙂