I’ve seen pens covered in polymer clay in the past but never thought to try them myself until recently. I built a few space invaders polymer clay canes last week so I thought that this would be a perfect project to showcase all of the different sprites. Take a look!

I think that they turned out adorable! I loved the results so much that I decided to try a few more with some canes that I had made in the past, including one of my favourite 8-bit designs that I’ve done – the pink and purple Mario Bros. mushroom.

One thing I did discover is that it matters which kind of pens you use for the project. The first one I made, I used pens made with an opaque frosty outside that didn’t melt or deform while in the oven. I actually attempted a few other ones that consisted of a hard white plastic which unfortunately melted and warped in the oven, making them completely unusable. I should have tested them before baking 4 pens all at the same time but I was so excited to give it a try. Lesson learned….hopefully 🙂