I love making hats, I really do. They are quick and easy and there are a million different ways that you can personalise each one.

Recently my friend Kate, whom I knew back in Calgary, was in town with her kids on their move from Vancouver to London, England. The last time I had seen her, her son Sebastian was only a few weeks old and his little sister Rigby was years from being born. While they were visiting, Sebastian and I discovered that we share a love of dinosaurs and the colour pink. Any 5 year old boy that loves both is cool in my books. Rigby spent most of the time visiting, trying to find the cats, who seemed to have hidden from sight as soon as they realised tiny humans were in the house.

I decided to make both of them hats based on our short, but enjoyable visit!

First up, Seb’s pink and black dino hat…

This is only the second time I’ve attempted to line a hat with fleece and I gotta say, this time it turned out waaaaay better than the first. The first time, the lining was just too small and didn’t shape the head properly. So this one is pretty much a success in my books!

Rigby’s kitty hat….

Try and find the thread that I used to sew the purple fleece into the ears, I dare you!

One problem that I’ve encountered making hats for children. I have no idea how big their heads actually are. When I’m making a hat for a friend, I can just try it on for myself and if it fits, I assume it’ll fit theirs. Oddly enough, children’s heads aren’t as big as mine though, so I’m always a little unsure of the fit!

I’ve also completed two other hats (including my first knit hat ever!) but unfortunately I have not gotten around to taking a photo of either yet. I’ll try and post a picture of at least one them in the coming days. Until then, I bid you farewell.