Yay to getting off work early! It gave me a time to stop by th fabric store to pick up some new prints. I don’t actually have a use for them or a project lined up but the few things I picked up gave me some ideas of projects for later on. Most will probably end up as lining for a crocheted bag.

This weekend I was suppose to be rather busy with a few different events but as usual, most of my plans fell through. So instead of just sitting around, I decided to start a project that I knew I could finish by the time Monday morning rolled around. It didn’t have to be functional, it just had to waste time and I needed to have something to show for it in the end. So I decided to make another Ninja Turtle amigurmi! I had originally made one for a guy at work and it was such a big hit that I decided I would do another one. Plus, they turned out so bloody cute! Most of the pattern I copied from Atsuko and Rheatheylia over at craftster.org although I did make a few slight adjustments. Much thanks to them! I also made Donatello’s bō staff out of polymer clay and included a micro magnet inside the bō and one inside one of his arms so it looks like he’s holding it. Hopefully I’ll get around to make the last two turtles someday!