So yeah, it’s been awhile eh? I’ve been keeping myself busy but I have admit that I haven’t really done a lot of crafts in the past few months. I’ve done the odd project here and there but nothing substantial or even terribly interesting. I knit a few dish clothes and crocheted a couple of amigurumi pears, which I’ve done in the past a few times before. Fall is just around the corner though and that’s usually when I bring out of my crafting guns. We shall see.

Although I haven’t been crafting, I have kept myself busy this summer. I joined a dodgeball team with a league here in Halifax. We play every Monday night and it’s a lot of fun. I forgot how much I enjoyed being on a sports team….and throwing balls at strangers. In July I went camping in PEI which ended my ten year streak of not being on a boat and a whooping 12 year no swimming streak. I went to my family reunion where a ridiculous amount of good food and alcohol was consumed. Got a couple of sunburns and doubled my freckle count. Took a road trip with two of my favourite friends to Montreal just to go to Ikea. Oh yes, it’s been a good summer.

One thing I have been doing this summer is bake. Oh yes, I love to bake and lately I’ve made things that have even impressed myself. Last week I made pecan cinnamon buns. They were seriously one of the best tasting things I have ever made myself. They were that good. I have to hold back from making them everyday though.



And if those aren’t enough, today I think I made the best chocolate chips cookies that I have ever created as well. I know it sounds like I’m full of myself and my baking skills but seriously, mad skillz, I suddenly have them.

Well hopefully this gets me posting again!

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