I made a polymer clay cane that looks like a gay zebra. Not what I was going for but I think it’s pretty friggin’ sweet. It’s super colourful and each bead looks completely different. I soooo wanted to take pictures of every single bead just because I found something interesting with each one. The pictures are sort of a “start to finish” look at the process.

The start of the rainbow skinner blend. I loooooove making rainbow blends. So much colour!!!

After being run through the pasta machine a good 50 million times.

The gay zebra cane. Told ya it looked like a gay zebra. I don’t lie.

A completed bead!

A bouquet of beads!

Completed necklace!

So about two years ago, I broke my tooth around a filing while eating soup. Soup. Seriously. It never really gave me a problem so I didn’t worry about it. Well it starting give me trouble. Like nearly unbearable pain. I couldn’t sleep and when I did, I had to sleep with my hand in a fist under my cheek to put pressure around the tooth. It hurt. Bad. So yesterday I hit my breaking point and went to the dentist. I guessed I was going to need a root canal and I was correct! Gold star for me! It was my fourth root canal so I knew the drill. Heh, drill. Get it? Anyway, the procedure itself went fine. It was long. The dentist showed me some of my own nerves that he pulled out of my tooth. Awesome. And gross. And awesome. Jaw and tooth are hurting pretty badly today. Can’t close my mouth properly. Hopefully it will feel better soon since I need to have a post put in before the end of the year. Yikes!