Typically I prefer to work on projects that are quick and easy but in the last couple of years I’ve really enjoyed hooking a blanket….until I’m about 75% done and then it just DRAAAAAGS on. This one wasn’t an exception! There is a degree of satisfaction that one gets when they finish one though. It’s such a huge project to complete but unlike a lot of things I make, *cough*amigurumi*cough*, blankets are completely useful.

I switched the colours of my living room to teal, brown and cream when I moved a year ago but never got around to replacing the grey and blue blanket that I made for my last apartment. Until now. And of course, it comes at a perfect time, I’m moving again.

Yes, that’s right, I’m moving again. I think this will be my 4th place in the last 5 years. Although in all fairness, this move will be the easiest…I’m only moving two apartment suites down in the same building. I’m moving into a 2 bedroom apartment with it’s own private entrance and will give me a lot more space for myself, my cats and the foster kittens that I care for.

Now my favourite part, time for some photos!

Lion Brand Homespun might be my favourite yarn to make blankets with. Not only is it full of texture and comes in some great colours, but it somehow gets ridiculously soft after you wash it for the first time. It’s like magic.

Does it match the pillows on the couch?



And the paintings on the wall.

I’ve mentioned that I have OCD before, right? Obsessive Colour Disorder.

And now for the obligatory cat on a blanket photos.

Thai was my crafting companion early in the blanket making process. He was also in mourning the day I took this as his little sister, Bonita, had been adopted the day before. It was a sad day in the Trevors/Bond household that week.

Vega was less of a help than what I usually expect from my crafting companions as she was laying directly on top of the yarn! I don’t blame her though, I’d love to lay on a bed made from homespun!

And last, but certainly not least, Magnets!

She was the first to test out the final product. As per usual.

Kitten update!

So I think I’m on Foster Kitten: Cycle 5 at this point. I recently came into the care of Bobbi, (aka. Baby Girl or Kitten) who is by far the most feral of all the kittens I’ve cared for in the last year. I’ve only had her for a few weeks now and she still spends a great deal of time hiding when I am home but she seems to be making more progress as days go on. Yesterday night she was even out playing with a ball of yarn. Hoorah!

2013-04-08 18.56.39