A few girlfriends and I went on a cottage weekend a few weeks ago in South Milford, NS. The weekend was absolutely perfect and was topped off by a stop at Gaspereau Valley Fibres.

When I walked in, my mouth dropped. I could have easily spent hours in the shop looking and touching every skein of yarn but my limited budget, I had to hold back.

Gaspereau Valley FibresEverywhere I looked I saw beautiful yarn in every colour of the rainbow, thick fluffy roving, spinning wheels and finished product.

Gaspereau Valley FibresGaspereau Valley FibresThis roving made me wish I knew how to spin my own yarn! A girl can dream…

Gaspereau Valley Fibres
They even had a cat! I may have spent a decent amount of time just showering this friendly little guy with attention.

Gaspereau Valley Fibres
Bathtubs full of yarn! They pretty much had everything you could possibly want in a LYS…except…they had a clear dislike of crocheters. Not a hook or pattern in sight and even their website says ” full service yarn store and offers classes in knitting, spinning, weaving, felting, weekly knitters’ group and many special events”….I’m sorry…but a “full service yarn store” should include products for crocheters too. We’re not the red-headed stepchild of the fibre arts world!