Oh, it’s been an interesting couple of months. Quit one job, started a new one, hated that job with a passion, went back to the first job. Oh, and a month later, was given an 8 week working notice that we all were being laid off. I changed apartments. Then I lost my creative spark. I just wasn’t interested in making anything. Sigh

But I think it’s back! My first project was Polo 2.0! I made Polo 1.0 back in May for a friend’s birthday and I was never quite happy with it. He looked odd in colour and at the time I didn’t have the right safety eyes so he looked kinda wonky. So I tried again. This time I decided to do him in black and white so that he looked more like he does in his drawn form.

Here he is in drawn form.

So cute. And here he is in amigurumi form!