Let’s just say I’ve had a busy summer/fall.

Went to Arizona for my sister’s wedding.
Made all of the presents for the bridal party.
Went to Vegas.
Went to Ontario to visit my godmother.
Turned 30. Ugh
Spent a week volunteering and checked out a lot of live shows at Halifax Pop Explosion
Took in 3 more kittens to foster. Two have been adopted at this point.

Told ya I’ve been busy. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I’ll be back to my usual crafting schedule. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner which means my fingers will be busy crafting away.

In the meantime, check out this cute bag that I made as one of the gifts for her bridal party. This is my adorable cousin Kaitlyn who was one of the prettiest flower girls I’ve ever seen!

Also, I finally hit the 100 fans on my facebook page that I was aiming for! Hoorah! As promised, one lucky fan will win a handmade craft from me.

The lucky winner was Jennifer Savory!