Treats bring out the kitties. And so does yarn.

For the last couple of weekends, anytime I’ve been working on a project while sitting on the couch, a furball or two tends to sit by and watch. Or interfere.

I’m looking at you, Vega!

This is Consuela. She is one of my newest foster kittens. I also am currently caring for her brother Diego and sister, Bonita. All three are darling <3

Look at those eyes! She kills me!

Also, look at that yarn. It’s Amazing from Lion Brand. I’m in love with it. I love variegated yarn.

2x Tabbys!

Magnets and Diego, Consuela’s brother! He actually auditioned for potential adopters today. They seemed in love with him so I’m sure he’ll be leaving us once he’s all fixed up next week. I’ll miss him.