P5191554Crappy thing about working for an American company in Canada? I have to work Canadian holidays. Bleh. Nothing downtown is open for lunch, the buses run on Sunday schedule and I can’t buy yarn! I’ve been working on a new crocheted amigurumi project based on this little guy (some of you will who he is!) and I think I have most of the pattern worked out. I started a prototype to see if my pattern was going to make sense and so far it’s looking great! Now I just need to find the right colours.


In other craftinista news, I’ve made a new necklace with the polymer clay beads I made a couple of weeks ago and some *upcycled beads from a necklace that my brother bought me in Turkey (I think it was Turkey??) that I tore apart. I’m still unsure if I like it. It’s a little on the chunkier side than I am used to. But it’s shiny and sparkly so maybe it’ll grow on me!

*Family members have started buying me inexpensive bead necklaces when they go overseas. Awesome! And they all know I don’t plan on wearing it as is but rather to break it apart and use it for my own stuff.