I’m such a neglectful blogger but it’s for a good reason, I promise! Although I’ve been crafting, I haven’t been spending much time around the computer as of late. At the beginning of the year I decided that I needed to make a change in my life and it needed to be drastic. I eat horribly and do little to no exercise whatsoever. I was lazy and I did not care. And then one day in January something clicked in my head and I decided that I was done with that. I’ve stopped gorging on my favourite, yet very unhealthy foods (I miss you poutine and ice cream) and decided to get up off my lazy fat ass. I eat healthy balanced meals and make smart snack choices. I walk between 5-15 kilometres a day and try to do pilates or something similar about twice a week. It’s not really as hard as I expected as I don’t think of this as a diet but rather a lifestyle change and apparently I have waaaaaay more willpower than I could have ever imagined. I’m not counting calories or spending hours each day in a gym. I just eat much better than I once did and try to be more active and so far it’s paid off. I’ve lost at least 30lbs to date and I fit into the size of jeans that I wore in high school! I don’t have a goal set and I’m totally okay with that. Yay!Now back to the crafting…Last week my Dad came to visit and brought new shelves for my bedroom that he was going to help me put up. He picked out some pretty rad silver brackets and had the wood pre-cut for me.


Good choice, Sir, good choice.

Once the brackets were hung, the fun part began. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to have each room of my home be perfectly colour co-ordinated so it wasn’t a surprise that I was going to make these shelves black, purple and silver – just like everything else in my bedroom.

I started by covering the wood with purple and silver paint and just swirled it together.


Once this was done, I covered with with a crackling medium and followed it up with a layer of black paint.



Groovy eh? I gotta say, I like how it turned out. They match purrrfectly with my bedding.


Obviously I still need to fill the shelves with stuff, but you get the picture.


Cupcake encouraged me while I worked on these. And by encouraged I mean she slept and made purr noises every now and then.

Let’s see, I know I’ve done a few other projects recently as well. Oh yeah, I frogged the noro scarf and started a new one. I much prefer the new one as I used the smaller needles so the stitches weren’t so huge.


Unfortunately as Spring has seemed to arrive in Nova Scotia already, I don’t have much more time to even wear scarves without dying of heat exhaustion. But because it turned out super colourful, I don’t care, I’ll wear it anyway!


Time for bed. Peace out!

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