There are a few projects that I am working on that I unfortunately can’t show or talk about because the recipients of said projects, happen to be readers of my site. But I’ll show a wee bit of what I’ve been working on!

I love this fabric


I also worked on a knitted scarf this week. I went with a camo yarn that I once made a hat out of (which a friend stole) that matches my fall jacket.


Apparently I knit oddly. My Aunt happened to see me knit and asked me if I was left handed, which I’m not. She then looked at me strangely and said “Oh”. I have a feeling it’s because I’m a crocheter and I don’t hold my yarn in my right hand. I’ve tried holding it in my right hand but it feels awkward. I’m so used to holding my yarn in my left hand as I work across a project. I really wish I could learn how to knit more things but I can’t grasp knitting patterns quite yet. It’s only recently that I was able to understand crochet patterns and I’ve been crocheting for a couple of years! I’m sure one day I’ll figure it out.

My last day of work was yesterday. I got laid off. This has been a horrible year for my “career”. I start at GM next Thursday so I have a whole week off. I intend on working on as many projects as I possibly can. Especially considering on my last vacation (which was only two weeks ago), I intended to make a lot of Christmas presents but only got around to working on one very large project. I think this time I’ll work on a bunch of small projects so it seems like I’m accomplishing more.