Novella Knight was welcomed on February 20th, 2015 in Fairbanks, Alaska to my little sister Rebecca and her husband Robby. Yay!

My red-headed little beauty is going to need some hats to cover up her wee head for the rest of winter and for winters to come so I figured I might as well get started on making her a few. For funsies I went with the ever popular crocheted owl hat that can be found over on Reapeat Crafter Me’s website. After making the first one, I realised two, baby hats are really small and work up waaaaay quicker than an adult sized hat…second, she was going to grow out of the newborn one before next winter so I might as well make a larger one while I’m at it!

owlThe more comical thing is that when I told my sister I made her daughter an owl hat, she shrieked. I may have forgotten that she had been attacked by an owl when she was in grade school. Attacked by an owl. Hard to believe, eh?