…to two kittens that is.

A friend of mine works with a rescue group here in Halifax – Halifax Cat Rescue Society and they recently took in a family of cats, including two kittens and I offered to foster them. They are feral kittens so it is taking some work to get them comfortable with humans but I think that they are coming along wonderfully. The first 48 hours, they wouldn’t come out from their cage but a week later and they are running around playing with one another and Magnets too!

Introducing Oliver & Ophelia

Oliver is the larger of the two kittens. He was the first one to purr for me but tends to be a little more afraid of other people.

Ophelia is the more outgoing kitten. She can win anyone’s heart. Doesn’t hurt that she’s friggin’ adorable!

I could have them for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, depending on how quickly they can be fixed and adopted into a new home. Please consider donating to the HCRS, they are a great organisation here in Halifax and do a lot of good for the homeless cats in this city. Visit them here or e-mail them at contact@catsinhalifax.ca.

Also new and exciting news is that I finally moved and am *almost* completely settled into my new place. Everything is unpacked except for my craft studio. My plan for this long weekend is to finally get it set up and then I’ll be back to crafting!