I finally finished the felted bag that I made for my sister with only 20 minutes to spare before we had to drive her to the airport so she should catch her flight to Newark (followed by a flight to Seattle followed by a flight to Anchorage and finally to Fairbanks, AK). The handles are no where close to what I wanted but I just wasn’t able to find what I was looking for locally. I may need to look online and order some in for next time I make one. I ended up using a small knitting loom to make some rope and then just did a large chain stitch with my fingers and sewed it into the inside of the bag. Either way, she seemed happy with it (even if I wasn’t 100% happy with it). And here she is with her bag in her new favourite pose (see here, here, here and here ) and her newly acquired Nova Scotian tartan beret tam (thanks for the correction Julie). What a a goofball. She is clearly related to me.

I had a fun last day with her in the city. We caught an early afternoon showing of Star Trek. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough Simon Pegg. Love that man. Then we did some shopping along the waterfront and then had drinks at a pub downtown where my friends met up with us so that they could meet her for the first time! We intended to also take a tour of Halifax Harbour on the Harbour Hopper, we had missed the last tour. Maybe they should update their website with the correct times. Oh well. It was great having her home and I hope that next time she can stay longer (or stay forever!).