Last week I was at Woz’s house to pick up a few things before we went back to my apartment for Glee night. As we were walking out the door she turned and asked me if I needed a lamp. Why yes I do, I said! I’ve been meaning to pick up one for my bedroom forever. The problem was, it was green. My bedroom has no green in it whatsoever. Oh, but I could change that – and I did.

After some paint, (skull) fabric and a wee bit of ribbon (which I wish now I hadn’t put on but I can’t take it off without ruining the entire shade) and I have a new bedroom lamp.

I also finally got around to putting up the rest of my framed concert tickets. I only bought them (the frames) in April-ish. 5 months ain’t that bad!

This weekend was beyond busy. Greg came home. Went to dinner at my Aunt’s. Went shopping. Saw a movie. Went out to dinner. My mum, cousins and I also got to drive down to Peggy’s Cove while the weather is still nice enough. Here’s a pretty effing cute picture of my cousins. Nothing says Nova Scotia like a picture of a lighthouse!

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